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  • 2014 Honda Fit

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  • Jun 2022
    Excellent well presented vehicle. It exceeds what I was looking for. This is my 3rd Honda fit. I was not intending to buy another one. But they are very reliable cars and I'm very happy with my purchase.
    —Karina H - 2014 Honda FIT
  • Jun 2022
    Excellent car for me right now in terms of fuel saving
    —Juan U - 2014 Honda FIT
  • Jun 2022
    1. Reliable and Efficient 2. Ideal for a small family
    —Bonny M - 2014 Honda Fit 15X L Package
  • Jun 2022
    Ive had this car for about a week now, so far so good....very good car...i love it and so glad i found this one
    —DEBRA M - 2014 Honda Fit Jazz Shuttle Hybrid
  • Jun 2022
    good well
    —Baogang X - 2014 Honda Fit S Package
  • May 2022
    The car drives nicely but is not very zippy. Takes ages to get up to 100km on the motorway, and seems to struggle going up hills, which isn't great when you live in Wellington.
    —Louisa N - 2014 Honda Fit L Package
  • May 2022
    The vehicle is great. Very easy and comfortable to drive. Handling is also great. If you're looking for a good fuel efficiency then this is a good choice. Great car overall.
    —John R - 2014 Honda Fit Jazz Latest Shape
  • May 2022
    $100 a fortnight in fuel - can’t beat it!
    —Claire P - 2014 Honda FIT
  • May 2022
    Very happy with my purchase.
    —Benjamin S - 2014 Honda FIT F PKG HYBRID
  • May 2022
    We bought the Hybrid L trim level. Upon pickup, we filled the tank, drove 100km, and refilled the tank, and it only needed 3.5liters after the drive.. amazing gas mileage. Tight steering. Very little road-noise when driving. Honda "magic" backseats are wonderful. Lots of space in back.
    —Matthew P - 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid L
  • May 2022
    Love it!
    —Amanda-Lee C - 2014 Honda Fit Jazz Hybrid
  • May 2022
    The Honda Fit is a small car but feels a lot bigger
    —Angelina K - 2014 Honda Fit S Package
  • May 2022
    Honda fit is really handy and easy to drive. I like it.
    —Fahmida A - 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid L package
  • Apr 2022
    This vehicle is not only beautiful. Also, it is a vehicle that is economical. The interior of the car is classic and elegant. I loved my car.
    —Raquel K - 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid S Package
  • Apr 2022
    yes very helpful
    —Iteiteane T - 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid No Deposit Finance
  • Apr 2022
    I love it, its spacious, easy to drive, cheap to run and still has great pick up when you need it.
    —Kylie M - 2014 Honda Fit 1.5lt Hybrid L-Package
  • Apr 2022
    Car is really spacious inside despite being a small hatch-back. Drives really nice and very fuel efficient.
    —MONIQUE P - 2014 Honda Fit Jazz Hybrid
  • Apr 2022
    Good vehicle
    —Francis X - 2014 Honda Fit Jazz Late Shape
  • Mar 2022
    Easy to drive, safe petrol
    —Li L - 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid F Package
  • Mar 2022
    Spacious interior. Good fuel efficiency.
    —JEE-HEE Y - 2014 Honda Fit HYBRID S PACKAGE
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