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  • 2013 Suzuki Swift

    157 customer reviews
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Helpful comments (55)

  • Sep 2020
    Very good car and economical
    —Vinddan K - 2013 Suzuki Swift XG 5D
  • Sep 2020
    I was looking for a Suzuki Swift to replace mine that was written off. I am very happy with this updated model.
    —Joy A - 2013 Suzuki Swift
  • Sep 2020
    Love my car would have liked the black one but I’m happy
    —Henry P - 2013 Suzuki SWIFT XG
  • Sep 2020
    We love this car, so economical and very cheap on gas.
    —Alexander M - 2013 Suzuki Swift SPORT 1.6 5DR 6MT
  • Sep 2020
    Good price reliable zippy & economicall on fuel. Very happy.
    —Raewyn B - 2013 Suzuki Swift 1.2 XG-DJE
  • Aug 2020
    I like to drive it. It gives me the feeling of a smooth drive. I also like its look.
    —Hadar A - 2013 Suzuki SWIFT 'XG DJE' 1.2lt
  • Jul 2020
    Buyer looking at Suzuki’s should note there is a huge difference between imports and nz new, you could tell the minute you drove them. I absolutely love this car! Loads of fun, great for zippy city driving And really economical.
    —Caroline E - 2013 Suzuki Swift Sport Hatch
  • Jul 2020
    Definitely don't think about storing alot but as a beautiful running car economical and comfortable for around town and getting into parking spaces ideal and they're so cute highly recommended.
    —David T - 2013 Suzuki Swift
  • Jul 2020
    Great purchase great vehicle
    —Zachary B - 2013 Suzuki Swift RS 5 speed bodykits 1200cc alloys airbags abs sport
  • Jul 2020
    I miss a couple of the accessories I've had before, but it's a great machine. Easy to drive, surprisingly spacious, reliable and efficient.
    —Patrick C - 2013 Suzuki Swift XG
  • Jul 2020
    Zippy little run about. Ideal for around town running.
    —Robert G - 2013 Suzuki SWIFT 1.3 DDIS 5DR H/B MT
  • Jun 2020
    We love this car!! It's proving to be very economical.
    —Anthony H - 2013 Suzuki Swift SPORT 1.6 5DR 6MT
  • Jun 2020
    Love it! It’s a sporty, zippy and stylish little car and reasonably priced! Would definitely recommend!
    —Cara D - 2013 Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6L auto - NZ New
  • Jun 2020
    This is a great and an economical vehicle. My second swift. My first one never cost me anything just the normal ware and tere. Hence why a got another swift.
    —George M - 2013 Suzuki Swift New Shape RS
  • Mar 2020
    I absolutely love it! Such a fun little car that looks so cool! Drives great
    —Celina S - 2013 Suzuki Swift XL
  • Mar 2020
    My car has been running smoothly since i bought it
    —Michaela A - 2013 Suzuki Swift New Shape
  • Mar 2020
    Swapping from a SUV to a swift was a big difference because your lower to the ground, in saying that they’re very zippy. Also $50 on a quarter tank takes it to just under the “F” mark which is fantastic!
    —Rochelle H - 2013 Suzuki Swift SPORT 1.6 5DR CVT
  • Mar 2020
    Very comfortable and economical.
    —SACHIN C - 2013 Suzuki Swift XL
  • Feb 2020
    The swifts are small economical cars
    —Gayle M - 2013 Suzuki Swift
  • Jan 2020
    Great condition
    —Sarah H - 2013 SUZUKI SWIFT XGS
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