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  • 2013 Nissan Serena

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Comment Highlights (15)

  • Sep 2020
    Good. More upmarket feeling from last one was 2006 model. I need to drive more to find out about this vehicle. But so far so good.
    —Misa Y - 2013 Nissan Serena HYBRID Highway Star
  • Sep 2020
    Good for business service
    —Alexander L - 2013 Nissan Serena 20X S-Hybrid
  • Aug 2020
    It has everything I was looking for in my next vehicle. flexibility being my most important as needing this for people moving, and being able to use as a van for moving etc, and then for the future looking at a self campervan/van build.
    —Anne P - 2013 Nissan Serena Hybrid 20 X S
  • Aug 2020
    Good family car with lots of room and space for our big family.
    —Reupena A - 2013 Nissan Serena 'Hybrid' Highway Star
  • Aug 2020
    A really fuel efficient yet spacious option for bigger families that handles and maneuvers well around town.
    —Timothy W - 2013 Nissan Serena 20X S-HYBRID
  • Jul 2020
    Nice family car.
    —Yu Y - 2013 Nissan Serena S-Hybrid Highway Star
  • Jun 2020
    Great car with neat accessories and economy.
    —Craig B - 2013 Nissan Serena HYBRID Rider
  • Apr 2020
    Nice and spacious
    —Marius S - 2013 Nissan Serena S-Hybrid Highway Star
  • Dec 2019
    Nissan Serena 2013 is have a good space and fuel efficient. Bad thing is no spare tyre.
    —Marlon N - 2013 Nissan Serena 20X S-Hybrid
  • Nov 2019
    —Juvren A - 2013 Nissan Serena 20X S HYBRID
  • Oct 2019
    Definitely a great choice, reasonably priced, decent sized interior & hybrid. Ticks all the boxes. I wanted a larger van initially (Elgrand or alphard) but am very happy with the Serena.
    —Nicole P - 2013 Nissan SERENA Hybrid
  • Aug 2019
    So happy we have bought a hybrid. Tons of room for luggage, dog and several over 6-foot tall passengers in our family. Lots of little storage areas and cubbyholes.
    —Colleen S - 2013 Nissan Serena Petrol
  • Mar 2019
    so far the car has been doing great, smooth and easy to drive...(for the 4 days driving). I need to drive it longer to learn about Serena's S-Hybrid fuel economy.
    —KwangChing P - 2013 Nissan Serena HYBRID Highway Star
  • Jan 2019
    all good
    —Robert P - 2013 Nissan Serena HYBRID Highway Star
  • Oct 2018
    Not really as efficient in fuel as it is not a full hybrid. Buyers need to be made aware there are different types of hybrid motors.
    —Michael B - 2013 Nissan Serena Hybrid

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