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  • 2013 Nissan Note

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  • Nov 2020
    Its a great car, excellent for the family.
    —Mathew P - 2013 Nissan Note
  • Nov 2020
    We love our 2013 Nissan note. The shape is much nicer than the older models which are more box shaped. Its extremely fuel efficient. Runs beautifully and has a good amount of space in it, especially for a small car.
    —Jael P - 2013 Nissan Note FREE ON ROAD COSTS
  • Aug 2020
    Nice little car
    —Julie S - 2013 Nissan NOTE *NEW SHAPE*
  • Jul 2020
    Comfortable interior, reversing camera, bluetooth, 'zippy' driving and quick to get up to speed. Quiet engine.
    —MOANA P - 2013 Nissan Note Medalist
  • Jun 2020
    Looks good!
    —Shirun C - 2013 Nissan Note
  • Jun 2020
    Very roomy. Nice drive
    —Sharon T - 2013 Nissan Note Medalist X-DIG S
  • May 2020
    Great car and I am over the moon with my purchase. People stop and ask where I got my flash looking car.
    —Lorraine H - 2013 Nissan Note Medalist DIG-S
  • Mar 2020
    Very happy with my Nissan Note, very economical.
    —George F - 2013 Nissan Note X
  • Feb 2020
    Its a good wee car, surprisingly lots of leg room good on petrol. Would reccomend
    —Lucinda T - 2013 Nissan Note 1.2lt X
  • Feb 2020
    All fine so far.
    —Kathryn A - 2013 Nissan Note X-DIG-S
  • Dec 2019
    Extremely happy with this vehicle and recommend. Looks smaller on the outside than really is.
    —Stephen B - 2013 Nissan Note 1.2lt X
  • Jul 2019
    The cars is so good and it met more that what I expected.
    —Marietes F - 2013 Nissan Note NEW SHAPE 2013
  • May 2019
    The only irksome thing is the smallness of the sun visors and the lack of a sunscreen strip at the top of the windscreen. My eyes are sensitive to bright sunlight and I need to find a way of adding this sunscreen to my windscreen.
    —Patricia J - 2013 Nissan NOTE
  • May 2019
    I am just coming to grip with the way the engine seems to turn off when at the lights or idling. Then makes a fuss about turning in again. A petrol saver I know, but the pause before accelerating is disconcerting. I know it can be disabled
    —Rosalie R - 2013 Nissan Note X DIG-S Grade 4.5
  • May 2019
    Its very convenient to use and helpful to me also the design of a new shape
    —Edward A - 2013 Nissan Note
  • Apr 2019
    Mv wife has an earlier model Note and I had found the later model suited me perfectly even though well over six foot tall.
    —roger M - 2013 Nissan Note Newshape, camchain
  • Feb 2019
    Very good so far.
    —Stacey F - 2013 Nissan Note DIG-S Supercharged
  • Dec 2018
    I have had a previous Nissan Note which I purchased because it was small and yet roomy with the hatch back and fold down seats. I was also impressed with the fuel economy so when it came time to update my car to a more recent model I chose to go with the Nissan Note 2013 because it meets my needs perfectly. This 2013 Nissan Note impressed me because of its low milage for the year when compared to others I had checked out on line for the same price. The 2013 shape is attractive. Colour is important to me and I liked the external paint colour as well as the dark interior on this model compared to some other beige colours in I saw in my search. A feature I don't like on these cars is the small space saver spare tyre which is only suitable for short distances.
    —Angela T - 2013 Nissan Note X
  • Sep 2018
    The model I purchased has very good features.
    —Susinder R - 2013 Nissan Note DIG-S Supercharged
  • Jun 2018
    Fuel economy and recent model
    —Emily E - 2013 Nissan NOTE Latest model
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