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  • 2012 Volkswagen Beetle

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Comment Highlights (6)

  • Aug 2022
    Have no problems. Extremely happy with my purchase
    —Dale W - 2012 Volkswagen BEETLE Design
  • Jan 2022
    I love the car. It's smooth to drive, hugs the road, has minimal body roll when going around corners and soft over judder bars and driveways. This is a 3rd gen vw, so you know they have been updated from the 2nd gen bubble cars with the flower on the dash. This includes updated motor to align with the golf and it's a nice sound with the turbo, even though it's a 1.2 litre it has had great fuel economy so far. My favourite part is all the little classic VW features they kept: the classic VW dash, the classic VW glove box (there is another one underneath it), the classic VW steering wheel and the classic VW handle grips in the back. Then add that to the little luxuries now included and you are in heaven: the heated, leather bucket seats, the de-misters on the mirrors, inside and out, and the huge amount of room the outside shape belies. We have had 6-foot-plus young men sitting in the back and they fit! A negative: because I am short and need my seat so far forward, the passenger mirror does not come in any further and is set at its maximum "in" so I have to lean to see out it when I am backing, instead of just swivelling my head. A small negative for a bunch of positives and being a super happy VW owner.
    —Pauline B - 2012 Volkswagen Beetle DESIGN LEATHER PACKAGE
  • Nov 2021
    It's a great and very economical little car. Would recommend to anyone
    —Mathys L - 2012 Volkswagen Beetle TSI Highline Certified Mileage
  • Jun 2021
    Love it
    —Anthea T - 2012 Volkswagen Beetle New Shape
  • Sep 2020
    Really enjoying my beetle. Is a real crowd favourite
    —Joanna H - 2012 Volkswagen Beetle DESIGN LEATHER PACKAGE
  • May 2020
    Love my beetle, will always be a fan
    —ANNELIZE V - 2012 Volkswagen Beetle DESIGN LEATHER PACKAGE

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