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  • 2011 Mazda Premacy

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  • May 2021
    I love this car so far, I had a Toyota Ipsum for 15 years and loved that, but this feels like a step up, the sliding back doors are great for kids too!
    —Bobby B - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Apr 2021
    Good size. Automatic doors is good Fuel is good Small size boot
    —Soan K - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Mar 2021
    I could not afford a very expensive car, this car fitted the bill in so many ways. It's appearance, milage, comfort. Plenty of room ( not that we required this but appreciate families would )Haven't had another car for near 20yrs so this is a modern car for us. once I master all the bell and whistles I know I will enjoy the experience "laugh"
    —Thelma D - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Mar 2021
    We are very happy with the vehicle.
    —Warren A - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20 E
  • Mar 2021
    This car is so lovely to drive. So far fuel economy seem great! So much room and is so handy with the auto doors. Stylish but roomy all at the same time. Kids love it!
    —Kathleen G - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Mar 2021
    Perfect for myself and my 4 young children. Easy to put in and remove carseats from the back row.
    —Mereana P - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Mar 2021
    Highly recommend this car very spacious comfortable to drive, economical on long distances
    —Vanessa H - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Feb 2021
    There was a great deal of importance to me that my 86 yr old father could get in and out of the car easily and that my 83 yr old mother could do the same (she is more mobile than dad though) and the height of the boot for lifting in two walkers was very important to me. The fact that the internal floors were almost level with the car sills was awesome because Dad is very compromised with movement in his hips and lifting his legs up to get over car door sills and with my back being in a state of crisis it has taken a load off my body too. Its a fantastic vehicle in EVERY possible way :).
    —DENISE G - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20S-Sport 7-Seater
  • Jan 2021
    Great Family vehicle
    —Nicholas M - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20E 7-Seater
  • Jan 2021
    Great car, love the electric sliders for putting the baby in
    —Marc S - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20S
  • Dec 2020
    Awesome car. A bit of a let down with the interior for a 2011 car but other than that great car
    —Hinerua G - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Dec 2020
    Make sure you get one with a reversing camera, as rear visibility is tricky with the shape. But it met all my requirements and is a great car!
    —Julia K - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20E 7 Seat Facelift Wagon
  • Dec 2020
    It’s been amazing to buy Mazda Premacy 7seater it good for family and friends and the people around you amazing.
    —Kaiea T - 2011 Mazda Premacy ** 7 SEATER FAMILY CAR **
  • Dec 2020
    A lovely drive, responsive and adaptable.
    —KATHRYN T - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20S
  • Dec 2020
    It is a great family or work car, economical and spacious
    —Jaime L - 2011 Mazda Premacy
  • Nov 2020
    Great 7 seater. Lovely to drive. Japanese radio ect was a bit of a challenge at first but google translate sorted this. File economy's good. Smooth ride. Spacious as a 5 seater with good size boot. Only a small boot area available if you use all 7 seats. Would happily recommend as a family vehicle.
    —Jodieanne B - 2011 Mazda Premacy New Shape
  • Aug 2020
    Great car to cater to a growing family
    —Matauaina V - 2011 Mazda Premacy - (8-130)
  • Aug 2020
    Family car, great shape and low kms.
    —Jose M - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20CS
  • Aug 2020
    Great car room in the back for two big dogs, smooth ride very quiet and comfortable
    —David S - 2011 Mazda Premacy 20S
  • Aug 2020
    Happy with our choice. Spacious enough for our needs but not too big and pretty good to park as the wing mirrors are bigger so have a better viewing range.
    —Brenda G - 2011 Mazda Premacy
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