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  • 2010 Volkswagen Polo

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Comment Highlights (13)

  • Dec 2020
    I love it. It's compact, has good visibility and is easy to park, looks great, has lots of hidden features and has good power for a small fuel efficient car. I'm apprehensive about the spare tyre system, but will find out how that goes if I need it one day. Its a little smaller and more basic than I'd have liked, but for the price was well worth it.
    —Jessica S - 2010 Volkswagen Polo TSi *6 Airbags*
  • Nov 2020
    It's a pleasure to drive and peppier than I first thought.
    —Cyndi L - 2010 Volkswagen Polo 5 Door New Shape
  • Nov 2020
    Love the Polo, great shape, very comfortable , lovely to drive. My daughter is over the moon
    —VICTORIA K - 2010 Volkswagen Polo
  • Nov 2020
    Very happy with this lovely car for our daughter. Drives well.
    —LEANNE S - 2010 Volkswagen Polo TSI Comfortline
  • Nov 2020
    Great looking and driving car for a great price
    —Darryl T - 2010 Volkswagen Polo
  • Sep 2020
    Still trying to figure out all the gadgets that the car has to offer & getting use to it. Seems pretty smooth to drive and I like that it is more unique than the popular Polo or Golf.
    —Mariana P - 2010 Volkswagen Polo
  • Jul 2020
    I love it, so much.
    —Katherine B - 2010 Volkswagen Polo TSI High Line
  • May 2020
    Great vehicle
    —Megan W - 2010 Volkswagen Polo TSI High Line
  • Feb 2020
    Fuel economy is great ! Drove to work and it said 18km/L
    —Eric E - 2010 Volkswagen POLO GTI
  • Oct 2019
    This car is the best small car for me. It has a 40l tank and I get 800 km on a tank so if you want so save $ on petrol this is a very good car
    —Thomas V - 2010 Volkswagen Polo
  • Jul 2019
    VW has always proved to meat all important requirements such as value for money, reliability, excellent safety features and after sale service !!
    —Riaan G - 2010 Volkswagen Polo Cross Polo 1.6
  • May 2019
    Very pleased with the car, drives very well and a vast difference in comfort and driving experience to similar models from other manufacturers. I had my previous VW Golf for 10 years so it was almost 20 years in age, very reliable and I always felt safe driving it
    —DEBORAH L - 2010 Volkswagen Polo
  • Apr 2019
    Very nice and comfortable hatch I was always wanted to buy VW POLO it is one my favourite car
    —JEEVAN J - 2010 Volkswagen Polo

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