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  • 2006 Mazda Roadster

    11 customer reviews
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Helpful comments (5)

  • Jul 2020
    The one we purchase is in excellent condition compared to its age
    —Hargendar S - 2006 Mazda Roadster RS 'Hardtop'
  • Feb 2020
    Great little weekend car - we just love it
    —Anne S - 2006 Mazda Roadster
  • Nov 2018
    We are delighted with the vehicle.The car holds the road well and the manual six gear change is fabulous. This vehicle has the option of a hard top or retracting soft top to use. It is a superb vehicle to handle and especially magnificent to drive with the roof retracted. The boot space is plenty adequate plus there are other storage areas behind both seats and between the seats. With air bags and the construction of the vehicle it is a great small car. Lastly it’s a pleasure to drive, comfortable and fun!
    —Ruth M - 2006 Mazda Roadster RS
  • Feb 2018
    Very happy so far. Windscreen wipers slightly degraded which has been a little annoying in all the rain!
    —Sarah S - 2006 Mazda Roadster MX-5
  • Aug 2017
    Just love driving with top down on a sunny day. It's the perfect weekend car. Heaps of fun and keeps us all smiling.
    —Nicola T - 2006 Mazda Roadster MX5