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Electric Vehicle Information

Questions most commonly asked (Nissan Leaf Only):

  • Q: What is Special about the Electric Vehicle?
    A: 100% Electric, Economical, Quiet, No Carbon foot print
  • Q: What is the cost of electricity for a Full Charge?
    A: Approx $3.00 from home or free or up to $10.00 at Charging stations
  • Q: How far can I drive on a single Charge?
    A: Depending on Year and Model/ KMS and how vehicle is driven they average between a range of 80-180 kms
  • Q: How long does it take to charge?
    A: 10 – 12 hours from a 10A Plug 6-8 Hours from a 16 Amo plug or 30 Mins at a public fast charger
  • Q: How do I find a charging station?
    A: www.plugshare.com or the plug share app
  • Q: Can I charge at Home?
    A: Yes all Our Electric vehicles come with a Approved 3 plug charger you can plug in to your socket at home
  • Q: How much Petrol can I save?
    A: Depending on what you would have been driving in a petrol-powered vehicle you will save $1000s of dollars per year
  • Q: Does it still need servicing?
    A: NO. There is no engine servicing required
  • Q: How many years should the battery last?
    A: 10-12 years